Christmas Gift Ideas $25 & under

Faux Succulents ($10)

These cute faux succulents are perfect for pet owners. With them being fake your furry little friend can’t eat them. I’m super cautious about the plants I get for around the house. I actually just bought these to decorate the bathroom of our new apartment. The also come in a more natural green but I bought the blush to fit my aesthetic.

Bluetooth Wireless Charging Alarm Clock ($19)

This wireless charging alarm clock (compatible with iPhone 8-11, Galaxy S8-S10, and Note 10, 9 and more) is something that will come in handy, especially for me. My husband is tired of me plugging my short iPhone 11+ charger under the bed, so now I don’t have to fiddle with moving the bed. I bought this and can’t wait until it arrives! This little gadget will be the end to all of my troubles.

Bath Bomb Gift Set ($15)

These colorful bath bombs can prove to be a relaxing asset for anyone on your wish list. I adore bath bombs, they make any bath time more fun and relaxing. These are infused with essential oils and Dead Sea salt, so you’ll leave the tub feeling more refreshed and softer than when you entered.

Coffee Mug Gift Set ($22)

This set is perfect for the coffee lover or tea drinker. This set comes in two colors and is so adorable. I actually ended up getting this one I particular for my secret Santa.

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