OOTD: cute and casual + body confidence on social media

Hello lovelies,

I had to share how cute and fun this outfit is! I’ve been working on some cute and casual outfits to cater to a wider variety of styles. I love love the mom jean trend and I’m so happy it’s finally taking off bc I’ve been wearing these babies for YEARS! My fav black mom jeans are actually by a brand called willow & root. One of my fav brands at Buckle! I normally wear more of their cute tops but these jeans fit better than I expected. I will recommend to go up a few sizes if you’re curvier like me.

Lately I’ve been struggling. I normally talk about how to be confident and how to love yourself (which I do) but I’m not in LOVE with my body right now. Do I like myself overall? Yes. But More specifically my mid section is not something I like. I’ve been self conscious about bloating and judging my body more harshly than others. Getting out of this after quarantine funk has been tough. I’ve Been working on my diet but I’m wanting to tone my stomach and it’s been so hard to feel confident in some of my favorite clothes. So this particular post meant a lot to me because it took a lot to show my stomach rolling over my pants on social media. I have learned as bloggers it is our responsibility to be vulnerable and share insecurities because the media will let us think we’re alone and that’s not true!

Why this ?
With my crop top shown being unavailable (bought last fall on sale for $5.00) I thought the style of this one was perfect for summer. I have several free people brami tanks and let me tell you I love them all! Anytime I can get these in a different color I do! Plus the price isn’t bad especially for free people


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