Black Owned Businesses we should be supporting right now!


1. Hyper Skin

“Goodbye dark spots, hello glow!” Hyper Skin is a skincare brand that was created by Desiree Verdejo. She dealt with acne her whole life but experienced a whole new thing while pregnant. She already owned her own boutique so was no stranger to the luxury skincare world, however could never find a solution that worked for her. So she created her own and Hyperskin was born. I can’t wait to try this on my hyperpigmentation and dark spots and to help smooth my texture.


DIDARA offers more natural beauty and personal care products. These products are, “crafted with simple and unique ingredients with a luxurious twist”. The brand also offers an extended line of home care called UWA by DIDARA. I have to be honest I’m a sucker for simple and natural ingredients and I have got to get my hands on EVERYTHING! Especially that black soap body wash (black soap is the only thing I use on my body but I’m trying out different washes and brands. This will definitely be my next personal purchase)!

3. Hanahana Beauty

Abena Boamah-Acheampong creates Hanahana beauty inspired by the want to feel confident. She hated buying skin care without even knowing what was in it. On the journey to starting this company through research she found out just how misleading the skincare industry really was. Thus, Hanahana was born, with the goal of sustainable beauty whilst paying homage to black beauty from the help of women in Ghana. The story of this company is just amazing. I recommend everyone hop on the website and read it. I love how soul searching this brand seems!

4. epi.logic

What’s cool about Epi.logic is that this brand was made by an actual expert. Dr. Jeanninton of Brooklyn face and eye. The brand has already been featured in several manage ones including allure and vogue. I feel comfortable about splurging on something like this and knowing the results will come. I can’t wait to get my hands on this luxurious brand!


1. Legendary Rootz

Now during my research this clothing brand came up quite a few times. I can see why, I mean look at that insta aesthetic! Legendary Rootz is a brand created solely for promoting the beauty in blackness for women. This black lifestyle brand has some SUPER cute stuff! Go check them out! Because I will!

2. Nichole Lynel

You cannot look at Nichole’s line and tell me it’s not to die for! Now this is more of a high end luxury fashion brand but MY GOD, the pieces are all so beautiful and trendy. I feel like there is something for everybody. Lynel is very trendy meets timeless.

3. Astrology Heaux

Okay so if you didn’t know already I’m OBSESSED with astrology and zodiac signs and stuff. Astrology heaux makes super cute astrology jewelry and omg the ARIES stuff is to die for! I gotta rep my sign!

4. Blvucci

I love the quirkyness of this kind. It also gives me 90s vibes so you know I’m all about it! I love those tomboyish pieces I can really mix with feminine pieces to give me that mod/trendy/blogger look. I love everything about this!

5. So Heartless

This brand is one of my favs, it’s pretty much a black owned fashion nova except with a few more unique pieces. I really love different style and mixing and matching styles and looks. This is that one stop shop to do that and the price point is bomb! Very reasonable and super cute! I gotta try them ASAP!

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