Trend report: The Graphic Tee w/ Midi Skirt

Hello lovelies!

Welcome back! I’m super excited to chat about this trend I have been seeing all over Pinterest and bloggers wearing it. It’s kind of becoming a staple look for the summer and totally makes me think of concerts on a summer night. I chose this adorable Nashville shirt (one of my fav places on earth). I think the colors are so cute and really pop. For the maxi skirt, I have had this skirt for so long and I wear it in both the summer and winter. It’s a rubbed knit midi skirt from Forever 21. The reason why I love this skirt so much is because of the slit. That detail alone take it from being a regular maxi to just adding a little something extra to any outfit. I can still wear it and dress it up or down for just about any occasion! I totally recommend getting your hands on any slit detailed skirt! It’s a must for any closet and flatters several different body types. Another detail I that can really take your outfit to the next level is the right belt. This western style belt really pulled together the aesthetic of the look giving those western boho vibes to the look. I finally got my hands on a double buckled belt that I like! I love the silver details on it too. Finally, that leaves us with these shoes. I literally cannot for the life of me remember where I got these shoes. I’m pretty sure I got them from Fashion Nova years ago I’m college but don’t quote me. Either way, I got these because they are very different and I love a good embroidery detail! The colors of the shoes also help bring out the graphic in the tee!

Find the look!

Disclaimer: during the pandemic it is so hard to find certain items and such because of the lack of restock going on so most of my items listed are alternatives to what I am wearing but still super cute options!

The shirt I’m wearing is actually unavailable (sorry!) . But here is a cute alternative shirt which is also on my to buy list from Buckle!

American Highway Nashville Country Music $28.95

High slit seamed body on skirt -forever 21 $9.00 (40%off)

MIA rose bud embroidered ankle boots $89.00

MIA is a brand we also carry at buckle so I have actually worn and love this alternative brand so much!!!

Double buckle cheetah print belt $19.95

I couldn’t find the exact belt so here is a similar one!

Pinterest outfit inspo:

Until Next Time!



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