My post COVID-19 Bucket List

Hello lovelies!

With everything going on, things are looking up a smidge but we still don’t know what the future holds. Those with mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, like me, can understand how much of a toll this time has taken on our overall well being. Everyone is different but for me socializing is something I rely on as a mood booster. I love entertaining others and being the life of the party. That isolated feeling has made me feel anxious about my relationships with my family and friends and I have been struggling to find the energy to reach out to people. It’s a very frustrating situation for me. With everything going on I have been trying to cast all of my stresses and anxiety on the lord. Trying to keep myself disciplined. Something I have been trying to make a habit for me again is journaling. I bought this adorable diary app (FREE) and got the idea to make a post COVID 19 bucket list. I’m the type of person who loves having things to look forward to and thought this would help others with anxiety as well!

I have put together a post COVID bucket list. Things I’m super excited to do once this pandemic is over and these things can be done SAFELY. I’d love to hear things you’re looking forward to once this all blows over. Things will be looking up soon!

1. Visit Nashville & Colorado soon!

If you know me personally you already know that I love Nashville! I have so many good memories there and it has easily become one of my fav cities over the years. I would love to live there one day, it’s such a cool place that’s on the rise and doesn’t get enough credit. I have a few of my closet friends that are living there now. I totally need to visit for a girls weekend! As for Colorado, another BFF lives there and just built a house. So I can’t wait to visit her and be a part of that milestone in her life. Plus! I’ve never been to Colorado but I think it’s a beautiful place and has been on my to visit list FOREVER! After this, it’ll be the perfect time to go!

2. Go to a concert

OMG! I had so many concert plans that go ruined it rescheduled. I’m not sure when or what concert but something I was looking forward to this summer is concerts! I was even of thinking about making a lookbook full of different concert outfit ideas! Now, I am especially determined to go to one after this is all over. (Hopefully I’ll feel comfortable going to one soon)

3. Drinks with girlfriends

Aside from missing my close friends that don’t exactly live close, I miss my girlfriends that I’m used to seeing all the time! I’m planning that soon one day after work we can all get together and just catch up on our everyday lives once they get back to normal.


Okay, this one is totally selfish and there are way bigger things going on in the world but having the planned day taken away from me still sucks! My husband to be is in the military and is currently deployed, therefore isn’t able to come home until the country decides it’s safe to open up travel again and move their military. So, thankfully we got refunded for the unique situation but we lost several vendors because we are not sure when the wedding will be. Hayden and I just refused to put our family in danger on our special day and would rather wait to where we can all enjoy our big day! Family and friends have been so supportive and understanding, and for that we are so beyond blessed!

I’d love to hear about things you’re excited for when this is all over!

Until Next Time!

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