Mom shorts- Buckle Try on #4

Hello lovelies!

First I wanna start off by thanking my younger sister (in law, Zoey) for these ADORABLE glasses she got me! They’re from Claire’s, you gotta look around for some cute oversized circle lenses. Funky glasses are trending so much lately and I think they add just a little edge to any outfit. So in this post I’m going to be sharing my opinion on these mom shorts. Now If you have been paying attention to fashion then you noticed the rise in the “mom jean”, and slouchy “boyfriend style” jeans. So I loved finding mom shorts that I didn’t have to make myself. These mom jeans are by KanCan (one of my fav brands). I’ve been really into light wash when it comes to shorts and these are definitely going to be one of my summer staples. Some things to know about these shorts is that I normally wear a 27, and these shorts are a 30. I recommend going up a size or two, depending on how you want them to fit. For me I wanted them a little slouchier, this helps the length and the give around the bum area. So if you are curvy I would keep those things in mind. Overall these shorts also stretch over time like the jeans by KanCan. So when you put them on these should be snug but not too tight because they give as you wear, and yes they will form back after washing. I washed my shorts in cold water and I don’t normally dry any of my denim. If I do it’s on low heat and then I hang them to dry the rest of the way because I have 0 patience. Now as for my top, I don’t normally wear RVCA that much because at my Buckle store we have more men product. I now see all the rage about this brand. You can make pieces in their line tailor to any style easily. A great priced and high quality top as well. My shoes and hat are also from the good ole’ Buck. I added some chunky combat boots just to show how they can still be trendy and function in your summer and spring wardrobe. During this season boots and booties are hanging around which I love! It’s all about how you wear it and where. The boots really allowed me to tie in the belt and hat.

Outfit details:

Top: Zurich boyfriend cropped top -$30.00, size M

Shorts: *Buckle Exclusive* Signature mom stretch cuffed short -$49.95, size:30

Shoes: Taylar Ankle boot– $54.95, size:8

Hat: K.I.T. Fashion Hat-$22.95 *comes in 3 colors*

XO, Stacey-Jay

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