Buckle Try On #3: Kendall and Kylie Jenner skirt

Disclaimer: my hearts go out to those directly affected by the COVID 19 virus. My respects to those frontline responders putting themselves at risk as well!

Hello lovelies,

The other day with everything going on I decided I needed fresh air and just went in my yard and took some photos. It was so refreshing to just be outside and soak up the sun. Social distancing is so important but it does suck and it does put a damper on the way things are. That was the Inspo for this outfit. Bright colors and fun prints, something bold and fun. Just looking at these fun pictures automatically puts me into a good mood.

Outfit details

Skirt: Kendall & Kylie $34.00 (50% OFF)

Top: Willow & Root $27.36 (20%OFF)

Faux fur cheetah print belt $19.95

Cheetah ankle boot $44.95 (one of my fav brand of shoes)