5 ways to self care AT HOME!

Hello lovelies,

I just wanted to come on the blog apart from something that is my usual post about going out or what I wore, or even exploring some popular hang out spots around town. During this social distancing period I’ve been taking this time to do some ME time! Here are 5 tips (plus on bonus one) on practicing some self care at home!

1. Give yourself a facial

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably already seen that I’ve bought a face steamer from Amazon and can’t wait to try it out! Along with some skin tools that really needed for my acne! Facial steaming has many benefits for the skin among unclogging pores, improving elasticity, as well as moisture balance to name a few. So I was super excited when my package came in the mail (my amazon prime delivery guy probably HATES me with all the stuff I order 😂)!!

2. Take a nap!

This one is my fav because I LOOOOVE naps and normally don’t get to take them as much as I’d like. It would also be a good idea to take this time to either change your sleep schedule to be more productive when you have to go back to work or simply take this time to be lazy! That’s okay every now and then to just take a load off.

3. Get creative

I won’t take too much time getting into this one because being creative means different things to different people. When I wanna unwind yet be inspired I do a number of different things. I read a new book, draw or paint something. I love to draw and paint because I feel so innovative after. And obviously I blog and take pics! One of my fav hobbies.

4. Take a hot shower (or bubble bath)

Let me just tell you I am the queen of showers that are too long. I’m trying to get better at that because I care about the environment but DANG it’s hard! I still do the occasional unwind shower where you just need to relax those muscles and clear your mind! Adding some music into the mix doesn’t hurt as well!

5. Get organized

Okay. So this one probably would only seem fun to me and that’s okay. I love to stay organized! I’m a known planner junkie and I like to stay organized for the sake of my anxiety. Between possibly rescheduling a wedding and work things I’m always swamped but stay on top of things thanks to my planner! A few cute stickers never hurt either!


6. Do your makeup- JUST BECAUSE

Alright ladies I know we have all been guilty of this one time or another. Just doing your makeup for the sake of feeling good. Being cooped up in the house can be frustrating but is for the best due to our public safety. With that being said using this time to work on your mental health by relaxing and decompressing is a great form of self care!

Be unapologetically YOU



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