Buckle OOTD: Old School MTV

Hello my lovelies

I am back again and I’m super excited to share the details of my outfit! This shirt gave me complete nostalgia thinking of the old school MTV with the top music video countdowns I remember watching with my big sister. So when buckle got this shirt I bought mine ASAP, and you need to too, because this top is selling fast! Another thing I wanna start doing on my blog is showing you guys what I wear to work (I do Instagram story videos too) but I also wanna make it easier for you guys to keep up with the details of what I’m wearing. Those videos are more of my ootd style Inspo, and here is more of how to get what I’m wearing!

MTV tiger print t shirt $26.95

Signature high rise flare stretch jean-hazel $64.95

Mystique cheetah bootie by Qupid $44.95

Pro tip: always order through Buckle IN THE STORE rather than online by yourself because we have access to our private inventory and can pull from other stores therefore in store ordering has more availability (even if it says sold out on the website). Plus free shipping when you ship to the buckle near you. That way you can try it on and exchange immediately if needed!

Until next Time!


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