Stop shopping winter clothes NOW!

Hello lovelies!

It’s time for a moment of truth my shopaholics aren’t gonna wanna hear but….STOP SHOPPING FOR WINTER CLOTHES! I know you’re probably like, spring is months away let alone summer. For those who wanna start shopping smart in 2020 it’s time to repeat some of those fav winter pieces and keep it that way, no need to buy new stuff for the season. Literally everyone is having a sale right now and that’s the only winter stuff I’ve been buying. Now is the time to shop for those transitional pieces into spring but also your summer clothes. One big retailer who had a huge sale lately is Forever 21. They are always having great promos and they pair well with my Buckle jeans! Quitting winter shopping now will allow you to build up your next season’s wardrobe ahead of time without having to spend so much money at one. This also eliminates last minute season shopping. I’m definitely a planner even to the point where I plan my top wants In my wardrobe. Here are some items I want in my spring/summer wardrobe this season straight from Buckle (to get links Click the pic)!

My List:

Until Next Time

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