Buckle Try on Series #1

The Jeans: Miss Me

As denim manager at The Buckle I always try to stay up to date on the latest denim trends. I also pride myself on knowing how denim fits certain body types, and how to achieve a certain look. Therefore, I thought it’d be a good idea to share with you guys when a new trend, style or brand comes into Buckle. Weather it’s a style I wear all the time or a brand that I don’t really wear much but still wanna share with you guys. In this case I have never owned a pair of Miss Me jeans. Personally, I’m not one for the super blingy pocket. And come to think of it I don’t even wear boot cute jeans too often, besides flares. I didn’t expect much out of trying on these jeans. I was just excited to try on a new style of something I don’t wear much. Honestly this jean might make it into my “to buy” album! The back pocket is probably something I would go towards for when looking for a decorated jean. This is the most I would do on a back pocket but these don’t even look like the traditional Miss Me jean. I love these and will update you guys if I decide to make this purchase. The back pocket totally gives me Free People, boho, vibes.

As for the way the jean fits, I recommend going up a size and low that this is more of that lower mid-rise jean. I also feel like the zipper on these jeans seem shorter than most. I know they say these will end up stretching a little but they don’t have much give either. They feel more like a raw denim (not 100% raw denim feeling hit a good in between the two). Overall i am surprised with how trendy this jean is by Miss Me and I definitely am considering buying these! That’s something I am trying to be better at, impulse buying. From now on, all of my purchases will be well thought out considering the clothes in my closet and how bad I want them.

Until Next time!

I post every Wednesday (most of the time, lol!!)

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