A recap of 2019

Hello lovely,

So we meet again but in the new year! I think what makes the new year is a year of refreshment, opportunity, and newness. It’s always nice to have another fresh start even if not many things have changed. I am also one for making goals! I love to challenge myself and the new year allows me to do just that! Last year was a huge struggle but in a good way! It started with ending one of the best chapters of my life, college! It was hard getting in the mindset of transitioning away from life long friends and relationships that I will never forget! 2019 was also a cleansing year, I had so much courage to end toxic relationships both friendship and romantic. And finally, my health wasn’t the best but it made me put life into a more positive perspective and with the help of true friends and family I overcame some serious challenges in that area of my life. Lasts year wasn’t all bad! It was an opportunity to learn and grow, and it ended with the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Rekindling a romance with my high school love, Hayden. I’m so excited because 2020 I will soon be his wife! With every chapter that has closed last year I am happy to open a new one and enjoy life with my partner and experience

so many new adventures with him by my side!

What I did for NYE

I spend NYE at the Grand Reserve in Lexington, KY. Danced the night away with my family and one of my besties and my little, Megan. It was so much fun!


Dress: Buckle (Large)

Snakeskin shoes (8)

Hat: Buckle

Choker: Forever 21

Here’s to 2020!

Until Next Time! (Blog posts every Wednesday)

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