What I wore for Christmas

Hello my lovelies,

Christmas is definitely one of my favorite holidays! A time to celebrate a God who loved his people so much that he died for them. As well as a time to spend with family. This year I wasn’t as lucky to have my fiancé home for Christmas (he’s deployed to Japan) but nonetheless it was our first Christmas as a official blended family as (almost) husband and wife. Our families get along so well it’s like it was one big dysfunctional family. Today I couldn’t remember a time when I wasn’t smiling and laughing. It was truly the best Christmas I’ve had in a long time.

As for the outfit I think you’ve already guessed where I got it from (Buckle). Our store has a super cute New Years collection time help you go into 2020 in style! I got these shoes a while ago but I think I got them from Fashion Nova on sale a few years back. And my choker is from Forever 21.

P.S. the dog is the picture is my mother in laws dog who decided to get annoyed she wasn’t getting any attention so I gave her a cuddle!

Until Next Time,

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