Cozy Boho (featuring tall girl jeans)

Hello lovelies,

I’m back again with some exciting news for my tall girls! Lately, at Buckle I’ve been getting girls my height (5’7) and taller complaining about how hard it is to find full length jeans. Trust me I agree and I’ve been there! Especially with Christmas around the corner girls and family are having to search for the perfect pair for that beautiful tall girl in their lives, or themselves. Many don’t know, Buckle carries the best jean for women (in my opinion) as a whole. KanCan is the love of my life when it comes to jeans. They do cater to average height and even shorter girls as well and they have size ranges all the way from 22-36. If you’re tall and curvy like me they also have a curvy line that gives around the hips and doesn’t gap, meaning they will move with your body and not leave that saggy butt pouch. These flares by KanCan are a 27 long, and they literally are my go to jean for the winter, possibly even then summer! 90% of the jeans I own are KanCan and I’ve been stocking up ever since I started working at Buckle. Literally go to Buckle and find these jeans ASAP!

Outfit (Buckle head to toe)

Sweater ; Willow and Root, L

Jeans; KanCan kurvy, 27L

Cheetah booties; Qupid 8 (they run a little big)

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