A Night out on the Town : Jakes Cigar Bar (Lexington, KY)

Hello lovelies!

Today on the blog I HAVE to rave about this new hangout spot my friends and I recently had the chance to enjoy. It’s called Jakes Cigar bar, and it’s technically located in Nicholasville, KY but for my Lexington people it’s literally 5 minutes away from the Fayette mall just to give some perspective. Anywho, my friends and I are in that phase of being out of college where we wanna hang out and party but not get too crazy like we did in college, I guess you could say classy drunk? Lol. We try to meet up as much as we can here and there and we stumbled upon this place thanks to a friend who works there! The drinks are AMAZING, the staff is extremely nice and very customer oriented. This is the type of scene as a woman I would feel comfortable enough to go here alone and not worry (however I don’t recommend going to any bar alone, just giving an example). The crowd ranges quite a bit but mostly later 20s and early to mid 30s hang out here. The bar is decorated very tasetfully, coming from a fashionista myself. The cigar room is simply beautiful and organized and classic. I guess you could say the vibe Imis very classic southern but also a touch of hipster vibes as well. Jakes is a very trendy place to hang out and I will definitely be spending more time there as my place of choice with my friends.

Until Next Time!