Nightfood Ice Cream Review

Hello my lovelies,

I’m sorry I have been away for a couple of weeks I have been feeling under the weather and that’s never any fun! However I did recently get the chance to work with Nightfood ice cream. Nightfood is a ice cream perfect for night smackers (like myself) and is low calorie. It comes in several flavors and is sleep expert approved! So eating sweets this late won’t upset your sleep or give you bad dreams. It was tricky getting my hand on these because they were just about sold out at the Meijer near me. My mom and tried both cookies and cream and cherry eclipse. This ice cream is DELICIOUS! I could’ve eaten it all in one sitting! I even have tried it right before going to sleep and I did not get any discomfort or stomach ache for eating it late. Anything that allows me to continue to be a night snacker……. I’M IN! You have gotta pick yourself up some of this amazing ice cream and try the cherry eclipse it’s my personal favorite. I can’t wait to try all of the flavors!!

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