A beginners guide to mixing prints

Hello my lovelies,

You know what I love about fall? The fashion. In some ways the fashion world revolves around the fall. New York Fashion week Fall show, clothing line drops, even some of the biggest makeup releases happen in the fall typically. It makes sense, in the summer it’s all about staying cool, less clothes the better. In the fall, it’s not yet about stay 100% warm so you get to really see the personality of the way people dress. What I am especially loving about this fall is that animal prints are basically neutrals this season (and I hope for many seasons to come!). This post is for both the girl that is wanting out of her comfort zone and wants to learn how to mix prints. And the girl who is already a pro! When putting together this outfit I chose this striped sweater because the print is larger and more subtle than my statement cheetah boots. They two still contrast but In a very appealing way. I brought the cheetah print into my outfit with my headband as well. I really feel like doing so tied in cheetah Print and helped it make sense with what I was wearing. When mixing prints I recommend staying on the same color scheme or mixing in another piece of the print that you want to be your statement. As always, fashion is your personal expression so if you feel like something else goes better then wear it! Who cares what other people think? If you look good then you look good! Happy mixing

Until next Time,

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