Polka Dots and Flare Jeans

Hello Lovelies!

I’m back again with another outfit. This is something I wore to my job (I’m a personal stylist and Lead at The Buckle), that’s where my jeans are from. I wanted something girly yet spunky and found just the fit! These flare jeans (brand: Flying Monkey) are super cute! They aren’t as flared as bell bottoms BUT, they give the perfect in between a bootcut style and full on bell bottom. If you’re taller and slim to curvy then bootcut looks so good on you, generally speaking. Something else I love about this jean and brand in general is that these jeans come in regular, long, extra long, and extra extra long! A common mistake my clients think is “I can’t wear flares I’m too short” and let me tell you THATS NOT TRUE! You can make flare jeans work for your body type but it’s the rise, tailoring, AND SHOE, that makes the difference! Also, what you wear your flares with can really change the way you look at them on you! I challenge you (tall or short) to check out somewhere with flares and try a pair on! I have been looking for a cute pair of flares since before they were back in style and now that they’re trending I’m LIVING for it! Flare jeans will be a closet staple for me for many years to come (despite being In or out of style! I don’t care!)

Until Next Time,

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