Hippies & Hot Air Balloons (Berea, KY)

Hello lovelies,

Before we hop into the outfit, I apologize for the late blog post this week, things have been super crazy (so many life updates coming soon!).


This past weekend, I had my first day off on the weekend in a while. As usual I like to spend my time with family. We had a little girls trip 40 mins outside of Lexington for the Hot Air Balloon festival. There were about 8-10 balloons lighting up their tops, while playing music and having food vendors. It was such a sight to see. After the festival, we went to a Texas Roadhouse near by. Seeing the square of Berea with the small town shops and restaurants looked nothing short of a southern romance novel. Simply adorable.


For some reason I feel like Stevie Nicks, singing Dreams by Fleetwood Mac is a great description of how this outfit made me feel. My flowy pants are nothing new to my wardrobe but my top is however. I just happened to be walking by Forever 21 and couldn’t resist. I love the Romantic and whimsical elements about the sleeves and ruching in the top that really added to the look. As my signature mix, feminine with edgy, I wore a turban to really spice it up. This is my first time wearing one after wanting it for such a long time. These are harder to find for a decent price than you think. Any who, I finally tried this black one from a shop called Badinka on AliExpress. You have to be careful with shops on AliExpress but I always do my research and read my reviews before I pick somewhere to purchase from. Badinka also sells other fashion accessories.


I had always wanted a turban, but could never find one, for years. I grew up knowing that turbans are a symbol of black pride in the community but I wanted to know WHY. I remember in college I took a history of fashion class as we went through the decades all the way up until today and still never found out. The courses of our history lessons history were so white. Therefore I had to do the research on my own. Hair has a thick stand in the black community as well as in our history. The answer is vast however below are a few historical reasons why the turban was worn by black women. I have gathered this knowledge collectively across the Internet and do not claim this info as my own.

  • Black hair was seen as exotic by slave masters to women covered their hair to prevent themselves from getting raped.
  • Turbans were a sign of enslavement.
  • Various functions
  • It was illegal at one point for black women to show their hair.
  • Wearing a headwrap in public extends from the 60s where embracing your blackness was finally a positive, had become a movement. Therefore bringing back historical meanings such as the headwrap became really popular, something I would say the same as to the past 10 years in black fashion.
  • Descendants from Africa wore the turban.

Knowing the culture of your fashion, especially the fashions related to your heritage is something we often don’t do. Pop Culture loves to take important cultural symbols without knowing the boundaries. I think being inspired about a culture has a method of going about it without having to offend anyone.

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