Fall/Winter Color Trends That Will be in my Closet

Hello lovelies !

As you can tell from my Instagram post I am head over heels excited about fall! Unfortunately not everyone else feels the same way. But fall (and spring) are my fav seasons–too bad those are my prime allergy seasons. Therefore I’ve been feeling a little under the weather but I’m too busy to lay in bed all day. I have been searching fall trends like crazy as well as going off of what I’m seeing trending with the masses this fall. Every season Pantone gives a list of trending colors put together by experts, and here are the trending fall colors they chose this year for the fall/winter seasons.

It’s basically a trend report based off of what NY fashion week predicts for the upcoming season.

Now some of these colors are your usual fall colors that never really lose popularity during these seasons, others are colors I haven’t seen used during fall in a while like creme de peach and peach pink. That will be something to keep in mind while refreshing that fall wardrobe!

Here are the colors I’m most excited about! These are MY top 5 picks of trending colors for fall/winter 2019-2020

Those vibrant reds have always looked good on my complexion so it’s something I’m more excited to bring back into my wardrobe.

I haven’t ever really thought of peach as a winter color, but adding it into my color scheme is something I am excited about! It will be a good color to break up those deeper tones.

This yellow-orange blend is something I’m always down to rock, especially during the fall! I’ve been obsessed with yellows and mustards.

This muted blue may be hard to find but when I do find pieces I love with the color I will for sure be rocking it this fall and winter.

I love browns but on my skin tone I prefer the more vibrant and warmer side of the spectrum. I’m so glad this sweet almond color will be trending these upcoming seasons because this color is super cute and flattering for me!

I hope you guys are as excited about fall as I am! What’s your fav part about fall?

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