Chillin’ Lakeside in Blue

Hello loves!

Life has been incredibly busy and I am still going through that transformation from college to the work force. Don’t get me wrong I’ve worked since I was old enough to have a job but full time is something else. I am currently a manager and work crazy full hours, so I’ve been so tired. On my days off, and even more rarely, the weekends I get off, I love to spend with family. I touched on that in my past post that I love relaxing with my family, and one of my fav things to do with my mom is go to lakeside live in Lexington. My mom is totally my best friend so our weekends (or anytime really) is so precious to me. On this particular weekend I wore this adorable two piece I have been dying to wear before summer ends! I got it from SheIn, you’ve guessed it! I love this color blue on my skin tone and it goes very well with my fav red lipstick by Milani.

Shopping tip:

Now is the time to start shopping for fall clothes and looking on Pinterest for those fall trends you’re wanting to wear. I’m starting to fill my shopping carts with cute fall sweaters and mom jeans NOW! It is also a good idea to catch those end of season sales for next year! I’m going on vacation to Jamaica next year so I am ready to catch those cute dresses For a good price!

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