My top 5 favorite hairstyles that I have worn

Hi loves,

As you know I love changing my hair! Hair is probably one of my favorite accessories. It shapes the way you look, how your features get enhanced (or ignored). Hair can change the whole look of someone and today I am going to share with you 5 hairstyles that I have had that I have loved. Just a little Info about my hair and what I do, I normally wear a weave (hair extensions). My real hair is natural and I use weaves as my protective style. I do this because my hair is high maintenance and challenging to take care of. I am also the type of person who enjoys switching up their hair, and styling it everyday (something that’s damaging to your real hair). Now, let’s get into the styles. If you have any questions or comments about my hair leave a comment and take the time to respond.


This hair style is #5 (my pixie cut), because I would never go back to this length again but wanted this cut so bad. When I had this style at first it was super easy and then later in time wearing the same hairstyles became boring and I was always applying heat to my hair, causing breakage. I am glad I’ve tried this style and it’s nice to know how well I can pull off short hair! Later on, I got a trim and grew my hair out using weaves. For those of you who don’t know what weaves are it’s a protective style that connects wefts of hair to your own. Allowing your natural hair to rest and be protected from the elements, and heat styling.


I chose this style as #4 because it gave me sexy French school girl vibes (LOL). It wasn’t as long as I prefer anymore either. Then I loved super short bobs and cuts, but now I still adore short hair but prefer chin length and below. I do still adore this hairstyle but my style has evolved a little.


When I tried on long hair I just wanted a change in my look. I had worn short hair for so long that I was running out of styles. So, I got some long bundles of hair. Now I thought long hair was so cute. It really changed the shape of my face. Now if I went back to long hair I wouldn’t recommend this hair company because close up the ends are so split. My weave in this image is about 22 inches long. This is a style I can see myself going back and forth to when I want a break from short.


This is definitely one of my all time fav hairstyles I have worn. The high ponytail (also an extension) was very full and similar to my hair texture. I even created Strands to help frame my face. This look comes in handy when I wanna give my natural hair a break with my weave but also be something simple. I like to wear weaves and extensions to prevent myself from handling and styling my own hair too much, causing breakage.


Ah, at last the winner of my hairstyles of all time is my current one. The full bang look is different and you don’t really see it that much these days, which is something I like. I haven’t worn full bangs since I was in elementary school but I ADORE THEM!!! I feel like they frame my face so well, and help cover up my huge forehead, something I’m very self conscious about. This style is my fav bc it’s not super long, I’m just more of a short hair kind of girl but I hate running out of hairstyles. This look is perf for me because the hairstyle is long enough to hide and frame the things I want, but short enough to where I prefer. And there you have it my top 5 hairstyles!

Comment down below tell me which one was your fav and a hairstyle you’ve had that you totally regret, love, or miss having.

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