How to style stripes ft. “Baby” baby tee

Hello loves!

I for one L•O•V•E• stripes! They fit into that daring section of my style. Stripes can be challenging to style at times and may deter others from wearing them. Lucky for me I love a challenge (especially when it comes to fashion). No matter what type of stripe you are wearing I think the best and most flattering way to spice up your outfit would be to color block it. In the picture I am wearing black and white medium width stripes, and I went with a pretty basic worded crop top. The bold color of the purple will add separation from the stripes without overwhelming the eye. I always recommend color with stripes. Now, if you decide to wear some colorful stripes, you can STILL color block out the outfit with pairing it with a nice neutral. If you are feeling daring then go for a color that either compliments or is in the stripe color scheme. I always say there are no rules in fashion so I’m recommend playing around with what flatters your body type and personal style. However this post can be used as a basic guide into helping you find your groove. Another way you could wear stripes is to play with texture, anything to break up the direction and flow of the stripes proves to be most flattering. Below I’m going to share some images of how to wear stripes for various body types! Although this guide is helpful everyone is different and you may have to play around to find the best strip type for you!

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