Trends I’ve loved throughout summer 2019 & OOTD

We’re already about half way through the summer months and boy did it go by fast! The halfway point is usually when I start buying clothes for the winter and looking up those fall/winter trends of 2020. It’s best to check up on the clearance racks and see what can be added to your wardrobe now. Any who, summer 2019 has been pretty refreshing to me in terms of fashion and I have loved playing with the different trends this summer has to offer!

1. Circle lenses

Now when I saw the growing popularity of circle lenses I definitely wanted to try some because I thought they were super cute but was afraid they would look silly on me. I got lucky and know that you have definitely seen these glasses in almost every other picture on my Instagram (and you still will). I unquestionably know this isn’t for every face shape but those with heart/oval shaped faces like mine will rock these for sure! I wear my pair almost everywhere I go and the ones I wear I got last winter from Charlotte Russe. The glasses in the picture are from Urban Outfitters and cost about $16.

2. Tiny sunglasses

Since I have been trying to get better at adding more accessories to my wardrobe to make my looks more versatile, I’m going to add another accessory, tiny sunglasses. For some reason I always think of Rihanna when I see this look. Now this look isn’t for everyone but I sure am obsessed with it. I normally prefer them in a cat eye shaped since that fits my face well. I recently ordered this exact pair for the 4th of July from SheIn. These glasses are super cute and very affordable, they were only $3! You guys know I love a bargain and saving money.

3. Neon & Bright colors (especially Neon Green)

Usually summer and spring are always about pastels and light feminine colors. Well, this year I have noticed that pops of color were taken to the extreme. Very bright and bold colors have been very popular but my personal favorite is neon green. I just feel like that color looks so nice with my skin tone. Shown is a two piece I also purchased from SheIn. I love going there for affordable clothes because this outfit was only $11 when I purchased it back in April.

4. Two piece sets

Two piece matching sets have been just about everywhere and I love it! Again, this set was from SheIn. This piece has also been featured on my blog.

5. Graphic Tees


If you have been reading my blog posts lately you probably remember my. Graphic Tee revival. I show you how to make graphic tees for your style and that they can also look mature and chic instead of child like. The graphic tee featured is one I have my eye on and plan on buying very soon!

6. Biker shorts


Biker shorts have to be one of the most popular summer trends if not THE most popular trend. With this hot Kentucky weather I have definitely been putting mine to use. They’re so versatile and I love wearing them! I really hope biker shorts come back next summer.

4 thoughts on “Trends I’ve loved throughout summer 2019 & OOTD

  1. Ah, I am a huge fan of neon and bright colors during the summer. These colors definitely make life more beautiful, brighter and fun. 💗


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