We all get so caught up in dreams and ambitions. I believe it is good to have dreams because it gives you hope and strength, but the effort we put in hoping, could be put into pursuing. Ever since I started watching makeup videos at the age of 14 (before I was even allowed to wear makeup) I fell in love. I admired the a creativity and art these beauty YouTubers created. I loved how these beauty lovers would share their inspiration, creativity and confidence to other women. I realized a long time ago I wanted to do the same.

As a current fashion major and long time fashionista clothes and makeup have both been my main passion for as long as I can remember. So many friends and family members, and even my boyfriend would always tell me, “Stacey you should do makeup videos”. I would love that idea and get excited just thinking about it but I was scared. Scared people wouldn’t like me, or think I wasn’t good enough. I was perfectly fine hiding behind my computer screen and writing this blog, later spending the nights wanting to be the girls I watched. Finally, at the age of 20 I’ve decided 6 years of dreaming is enough and it’s time to make it a reality. So I hope you watch and enjoy my very first makeup video of me getting ready for work! And I hope you remember a dream can become a reality anytime you decide. The choice is yours.



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