Obsessed with personal style

Lately I’ve been reading this book called “The Way she Wears It” by Dallas Shaw. In a nutshell this book is about finding your personal style and living in it everyday. The everyday part is the hard part. Even as a fashion student I sometimes drift off and care too much about if other people think I’m fashionable or not. After reading this book I did some closet soul searching and I simply stopped caring. It’s easier said than done, but at the end of the day, I know I’m a stylish girl and people copy me all the time. But, what’s more satisfying as a fashionista is being your own kind of style. I noticed I like pairing feminine outfits with edgy pieces. I took a body suit and paired it with mini shorts, but the edge came from the over sized shirt. I think next time I will pair this with some heels to really give it a girly flare. The moral of the story is live in your style everyday no matter what and I promise you will feel more beautiful than ever!

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