Feminine athleisure

Hey there!

It’s definitely been a few weeks but, in my defense, it has also been raining for weeks here in Bowling Green. Spring Break is approaching, and I couldn’t be more excited! On these past rainy days, I have been such a homebody (Didn’t wanna have flat hair!). I’ve been watching movies, taking naps, but most importantly brainstorming my outfits. I finally did laundry, organized my closet and did some shopping for Spring Break to revamp my wardrobe (stay turned for those outfits). Since I have been so busy I haven’t really had a chance to play with pairing some new and old pieces until now. I put together this athleisure- streetwear outfit and I am in love with how it turned out. I had finally had the chance to add more accessories into my wardrobe and forgot how much they can change a whole look. My style is very chic but feminine (for reference), and I try to keep that with me even when playing with different styles and trends. Like I’ve said before, aim to keep your personal style with you no matter what you wear!

Photo Creds: @Carrsanbible (Thank- you for taking these beautiful pictures shooting with you was a blast!)

Until Next Time,



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