Denim on denim….ON DENIM

I don’t know about you but the first week of school absolutely drained me. It wasn’t because everything was super hard it’s just I have been having trouble finding inspo to do ANYTHING. It’s a good thing I have my blog to at least make me feel accountable for my appearance. As I get older I feel as though I learn more and more about my style. I mean even from freshman year to now I feel like I have gotten more comfortable with being different and authentically me. I am now experimenting with my style and pushing my comfort zone. Something I don’t know why, but I love to do.

Chunky Booties-8|| Similar Item

Men’s Denim Jacket-Small| Forever 21|Similar Item

Black Jeans-6| Unknown| Similar Item

Bodysuit-Medium| Forever 21| Similar Item 

This outfit was one of those where you put it on and stare at yourself in the mirror because you aren’t sure if this is socially acceptable. You wonder if it’s too out there or won’t be considered as stylish. There comes a point where every fashionista just does it without any second thoughts. So, I layered three of my fav denim pieces. I kept the bottom layer and built on it. The bottom layer is all black and simple and sleek. I love how my black ripped jeans add that subtle chic vibe. Then with tying the denim shirt around my waist I feel like that added a little more to the look. However, the look wasn’t done without ANOTHER layer. The denim jacket added some light to the look and really broke up everything up, but I liked it. I liked how the inner layer was fitted and very feminine and simple and as the layers added on it gave a more street edgy vibe. Normally, I would have worn this look with some high heels but since I was on campus I traded in for my comfy chunky booties. As usual I’m going to keep experimenting and exploring my style.



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