Cold hearted Snake

Yes, I am back again and if you don’t know the Paula Abdul song I’m naming this post after, you def need to stop and look up Cold Hearted Snake and watch the iconic dance solo she does! ICONIC! Anyways this new year has been kicking my butt. I am already getting a taste of changes and growing 2019 has in store for me, and I’ll tell you this……growing can be painful but it has to be done. 

On to the star of the show, this snake skin fitted top is from the online store Shein. I actually bought this a while back and have been saving it for just the right moment. Does anyone else do that or just me? I was skeptical before buying from Shein but for me personally I loved it! I recommend looking at the size chart when shopping with them. I wore this to my friends 21st birthday dinner (I love you Megan), and got so many compliments. I was so excited to finally wear it and even more excited to wear this top even more. Animal prints were so big this fall/winter and I hope they stick around a little longer. I have showed you a few ways to wear this because on this blog we love to get the most out of our coins! I hate it when I buy something and then can only wear it with one thing so shopping smarter, not harder is very important. Shopping smart is also a good way to keep up with trends while still staying true to your stylebecause certain pieces can be worked in with whatever your personal style is. This allows you to reuse pieces you already have to adapt a trend to your taste. Just so you can get an idea of my style, I would say mine is very girly/feminine with a chic /trendy flare. I have trouble describing mine but def know it when I see it. 

Look 1: Add some Mom Jeans

Okay this look gives me major 90s vibes with the mom jeans. I actually got these jeans from a thrift store and I think they add a nice vintage flare to any look. I also paired these with my chunky boots because they don’t make the look too dressy and not too casual. This look was designed to be casual, streetwear and simple. The simplicity of this look is why I love it so much, like I have said before, I am not a minimalist when it comes to fashion, but this look is so chicly-streetwear without being too overbearing. 

Jeans| Thrift Store

Shoes| Amazon- unavailable 

 Look 2: Make a statement with a skirt

Who says skirts are only for the summer? Remember what I said last year, there are NO rules in fashion. This skirt is something I love to wear a lot because it adds just the right touch of sexy without trying too hard. Remember being sexy is a womanly thing that can’t be forced, it must be done tastefully. The slit in this stress really does that. The bomber jacket in this look adds that casual flare and really compliments with the boots. This look was designed to be warm, casual, sexy, but still chic.

Skirt| Forever 21

Boots| Charlotte Russe – unavailable 

Look 3: Ripped back jeans & a Bomber Jacket

Now, I love this look because to me it is just so sleek, you can wear it with or without the bomber jacket (we are all about reusing pieces) but this look I think is made for the night. The high waisted black jeans accent my curves but also flatter my long figure and the black booties really dress up the look. This is something I would wear on a night out because again it is still a pretty sexy and confident look without being overbearing. 

Like my life I felt like my blog needed a makeover, so I was super excited when my Instagram followers voted in favor of changing the name from Little Miss Spitfire to Styled by Stacey-Jay. This is just the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I cannot wait to make even bigger changes. Remember my little fireflies stay strong and confident.



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