Another Denim inspired look & life update

I think it’s so fascinating how denim is basically a classic when it comes to fashion. It hasn’t been out of fashion in years (but has been challenged with the uprising of leggings). I’ve noticed the influence of western festival style, so I decided to use that trend and make it into something everyday. In this outfit I paired my faux leather leggings with some gold buckle boots, and my denim shirt.

Life update:

Along with the change of graduating and new hair there have been many changes that have been going on in my life. I recently graduated in May and couldn’t have made my family more proud. It was an amazing feeling being the first generation college graduate in my family! So exciting to spend that time with my family and close friends, it meant everything. You guys know I love changing up my look so I decided to get bangs (I haven’t had them since the third grade…they were still cute on my then 😉 It felt like the right time to go back to short hair with a flare.

***I’ve finally had time to complete the switch from blogger to WordPress. I feel that this new makeover looks super cute and WordPress is simply more convent for me, and will allow me to post more consistently and conveniently.***

I’ve also been transitioning into adulting and it’s been a big difference. Along with freedom comes responsibility. Now, with my B.S. in Fashion merchandising I’m working two visual merchandising jobs, and hope to do a position full time. I still have goals of owning my own business and that will come with time and hard work. Adulting can also be a little lonely with your closest friends from college so far away (that just means our group message is even more important lol). But this is also a chance to make new friends and explore your city, and catch up with old friends if you are back in your hometown like me. With being out of college I have learned that we make plans and god laughs. Things may not go as expected or gain the immediate result you want. The best things take time and you have to keep positive.



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