Windy City, Feelin’ Pretty

Top:| Charlotte Russe

Black denim: Forever 21

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Yup, you guessed it! We just came back from Chicago and I have missed it so much! John and I found ourselves in Chicago for one of his friends’ wedding. I was so nervous (for no reason) to meet his friends from college. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was as wild as can be! To say I had fun is a understatement. After John parted with his college pals, we found ourselves in the city for two extra days. We enjoyed our mini staycation exploring the city. We ate sooo much! John and I are such foodies we over appreciated the food way too much, even as a Chicago native I still fell victim to all of the good food!

A few Places we had (and What I ordered):

· Bongiorno’s: Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich & Garlic Bread

· Irish loop: Turkey Club with a side of Mashed Potatoes

· Frankie’s Pizza (by the slice)-Navy Pier: Cheese pizza, and French Fries

· Garett popcorn: Carmel Corn

· Completely Nuts: A mix of roasted nuts

· Snow Dragon Shavery: cookie dough ice cream cone (a scoop of cookie dough on a cone! SOO YUM)

We ate at so many places that I am even nervous to step on the scale when I get home. I know I am going to be bloated for the next few days but I mean, you cannot diet on vacation! That is my #1 rule while traveling. Coming soon on another blog post I will share how to minimize getting bloated while having cheat days on vacation. And what I do after I’ve simply eaten too much and want to get back into my “healthy girl” routine.

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