Viva Las Vegas

Bodysuit| Forever 21

Sunglasses| Forever 21

Jeans| Walmart

Shoes| Charlotte Russe

Purse| Nine West| Belk

Three words to describe Vegas, SOOOO FREAKIN’ AWESOME! The state of Nevada in general is just beautiful. A few weekends ago I was in Las Vegas with my mom and sister livin’ the fast life in Sin city. It was my mom’s late birthday present to us both. As soon as I got back I just couldn’t wait to talk about my trip and all of the fun I had. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I already spilled some of the beans, but what can I say?

The Hotel

The hotel we stayed at was the Stratosphere, and when I say it was gorgeous I mean the pictures don’t do it any justice. I thought it was super cool how the very top levels had so much to do. There was a night bar, stores, and even a comedy club! We actually went to a comedy show in the hotel and saw some awesome performers in the show of Samuel J. Conroe. His act was super hilarious and if you ever get the chance to see him I totally recommend! One of my fav things to do at the hotel was to hang out at the pool. It was so relaxing and really made me feel like summer was finally here.

My Freemont Street Experience

Ah, the infamous Freemont street. Since arriving to Vegas, the locals have been telling us to have our famous Freemont street experience, and now I see why. Freemont street was so fun. There was so much to do and I didn’t know where to begin. There was food, attractions, and street performers, Oh My! We went during the day so the concert areas weren’t as busy so my sister and I decided to go zip lining across the strip. To say the least it was so fun and I had a blast.

Food (Buffet all day!)

Before going to Vegas, I never knew that Vegas was so famous for their buffets (no wonder Mom, and Meg were so excited!) We did the all-day buffet deal with our hotel and it was totally worth it! And on the weekends, we had the champagne brunch with crab legs, talk about fancy! The food was so good, and super affordable. A huge plus for any vacay.

The Outlets

If this blog has taught you anything about me, then you know I’m a shopaholic that loves sales and good deals! While in Vegas I noticed that the locals for the most part were dressed super nice! Something only a true fashionista can appreciate. Now, I see why, there is an amazing outlet mall by our hotel and prices were 20-80% off! On this particular vacay I decided to “splurge” on things I need to make better note of buying (like skincare). There was a place called The Beauty space, that carried high end skin care products for less than half the original price! I went crazy to say the least. I will share what products I got and my review on them in another post (or maybe a YouTube video).

Next time I want to….

I had so much fun in Vegas that I am sure we will return soon. However, there was so much to do I made a list of the things I wanna do next time I’m in town!

· I wanna see the famous Chippendales!

· Go to the EDM festival in Vegas!

· More outlet time!

· Go to Freemont street AT NIGHT!



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