Transitioning into Spring

Lately, I’ve been more fond than usual of my “girls’ trips”. You know the ones, where you and your girlfriends find yourselves in random adventures, and having a good ole time. I guess I appreciate these things a little more than lately since I graduate in less than a year. Our girl adventures won’t be as frequent anymore after our college. My gal pals are like that one summer piece you just can’t part with, like my pink leather overall dress. Last week and a little bit of this one, I’ve been cleaning out my closet. I think Kentucky has FINALLY made up its mind with the weather and what season it is so most of my summer pieces said goodbye for now. Any who, one of my sorority sisters bestest friends came all the way down from Colorado to take a week off her big girl job to spend time with us during homecoming week (peep pics HERE). So, the girl gang and I go to Jackson’s Orchard and just spent some much needed quality time together at the pumpkin patch. Sometimes the most simplest things can really just give you the most piece of mind, it doesn’t hurt fall is one of my fav seasons.

This outfit made me feel like an everyday Dionne outfit. In the summer I wear this dress by its self, but adding tights and a cute cropped sweater under your fav dress can help transition that into fall/winter. Being in this made me feel good not only because I didn’t have to say goodbye to one of my most beloved pieces for 4 months but also because this really reflects my personal style. Going back to the theme of my blog it is so important to express yourself through fashion, and when you look good you feel good. I know for some you may feel like your personal style is “out there” but WHO CARES?! It’s who you are and you should feel confident in whatever you wear no matter what.

Dress| Fashion Nova| Out of Stock| Similar items listed below

Black Cropped Sweater| Forever 21| Similar items listed below

Black Ankle booties| Amazon|

Bag | Nine West

Sub Items

King Kourt Latex Dress| Fashion Nova

Distressed Cropped Sweater| Forever 21



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