The Religious Fashionista: how I’ve grown in my faith though fashion

Today on my blog I am going to get a little more personal. I am talking about my journey in growing in my faith and if religion (if that is something that offends you, feel free to exit my page) but it is a part of my daily life and I want to incorporate it in everything that I can. I’m going to be sharing 5 things every religious fashionista should remember while challenging themselves to grow in their faith. These are things I personally have learned while going on my own religious journey of growth.

1. Never Be Complacent

When people would challenge me to do more as a Christ follower I would get annoyed. Not because I didn’t want to but when you’re not doing something right in your life and someone calls you out on it you get defensive. Usually, that means it’s something you know you need to change and work on but are too prideful to admit it.

Just like in fashion, complacency is the death of all progress. That lesson is what made me want to go on a life long journey of growing my faith and style. For a long time I had been just comfortable in where I was religious wise. That is not what god wants, we are supposed to endlessly challenge ourselves to be more Christ like (don’t confuse that with the authority of Christ) and pursue him endlessly like Jesus does for us. He need to continually want him and try to be like him. When it comes to fashion I am always taking risks and trying new things, why not with my faith? Coming out on the other side of this challenge was hard. I’m a control freak and perfectionist so starting was the hardest part, self realization. I had to realize that being in control isn’t what I’m supposed to be, God is. And even harder than that I had to realize the way I am as a Christian isn’t perfect, nobody is.

2. Include God in Everything

I really took lessons from my fashion side with most of these tips. Fashion is an extension of who I am, therefore I incorporate it into everything I do. I tend to try to make things more glamorous than they need to be. And I’m always somewhere being ⭐️⭐️ EXTRA ⭐️⭐️ask any of my friends. So, I thought to myself, why not be extra for Jesus? And that is why I’m even writing this post, I want to converge all sides of my life and bring it back to Jesus. After all, he made me who I am along with my talents and interests so why not share that with him.

3. Challenge & Experiment

This lesson I learned kinda goes with my first rule about complacency. Challenge yourself and try new things. I was in church this past Sunday and my pastor challenged everyone to “pick a chapter in the Bible, time, and place” to start the discipline of learning the word. I’ve recently been working up to that so right now I have been doing daily devotionals. I have been trying different methods and times of doing them so that I include them in my daily routine.

4. Discipline

This one is the hardest. Just like I discipline myself to plan my outfit for the next day every night. Or do my beauty routine everyday, I need to have the discipline to do all of the other things we talked about. This one was by far the hardest one to get down and to be honest I still struggle with this one. Some of the best advice I have ever received was when I was talking to an alumna from my sorority who I love so much, Eva, and she told me “don’t be too hard on yourself. When you get off track just jump back in and keep trying. If you miss s daily devotional, just read two the next day.” I try to keep that thought with me every day.

5. You are worthy of gods love and you are ENOUGH

Have you ever struggled with the thought that you’re not good enough for God’s forgiveness and that your efforts to be like him will never be enough? I know I have. We as women (or men), humans in general hold ourselves to too much sometimes. We are not perfect only god is and that is something we need to remember. Again, I struggle with this endlessly but I took up a book suggestion from one of my sorority sisters and I even challenge you to read it. The book is called Princess Unaware. Essentially it talks about how we see ourselves too far beneath god and forget as a daughter of God we are his princess and he cherishes and loves us. He created us, he is our father, he adores us as we do him.

I will have the book Princess Unaware linked down below (thanks Hannah! I love and adore you, being your sorority sister and growing in our faith together has been a true gift!)

*buy it used for cheaper* this isn’t a sponsored post I just love this book!

Link: Princess Unaware: Finding the Fabulous in Every Day

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