Making Men’s Clothing….girly??

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog or at least follow me on Instagram you know that although I NEVER put my style in a box, I generally have a feminine, girly vibe with a splash of edginess. That’s just something I tend to see with how I organize my wardrobe. After following New York Fashion week, I decided to challenge myself as a self proclaimed “fashionista”. During this last fashion week I was OBSESSED with some of the men’s street style I saw. It was not really something I would wear but I decided to make it just that! So, going through my closet I decided I had absolutely nothing to wear! I ringed my gay bff and basically took his super cute NASCAR(ish) jacket and paired it with the classic little black dress.

I feel that the best way to make men’s clothing super sexy is to pair it with a focal girly piece. For example, the black dress is obvi a girly staple that really brings out the jacket without competing with it. Something else I would do if the weather was not so crazy is take an oversized men’s sweater and pair it with some high heels or even knee high boots! Basically accessorize the men’s wear NOT compete with it!! Side note: layering is always a plus.

Jacket: Goodwill

Dress: Forever 21



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