Hippie vibes & Summer 2018 bucket list

There is just something about florals that just scream summer to me. Since I am all about expressing myself and style, I decided to put pieces together that normally I wouldn’t think would work, to make something beautiful. That’s why I love fashion so much, it’s all about YOU! Now here you have it, a purple and pink floral top that resembles your grandmother’s favorite drapes, with a distressed denim skirt. I won’t lie, I’ve never been good at keeping white clean. If I get the smallest spec of something on it I’m ready to take it off, it makes me a little OCD! This whole outfit made me feel like a hippie during the summer in the 70s, hence the name “hippie vibes”. I actually shopped this top at Belk (Not Freepeople! I know shocker). I was able to get it cheaper than what I would have paid for a Freepeople top, but still kept the aesthetic. I really enjoy pairing flowy and feminine things with very edgy and sexy pieces.

Don’t get me wrong I love FreePeople but I also love a good deal!

This summer I am really stepping up my personal style because I’m on a mission to complete my Summer Bucket List! Every summer I make all of these plans and they end up being wishful thinking, but I refuse to let that happen this year. I will be a little busier than usual this summer since I have to work more hours for my job to count as my internship this year, but that won’t stop me! Here are a few things to get you inspired for the summer:

1. Re-Vamp my Closet

I find myself donating clothes that I don’t wear to charity more and more. Yes, that’s a good thing and I love giving back, however I feel like I have nothing to wear sometimes. I know every girl says that, but there are pieces that I just could not fit anymore (I’m a late bloomer and I am getting my adult hips and bum! No complaints though!) This just means I need to do more shopping. I also want to be pickier when I shop. I wanna keep my aesthetic going and invest in pieces that I will wear a bunch instead of basing my choices on current trends only.

2. Go Outside the Country

This July my family and I are going to the Bahamas! This will be John and I’s first time outside of the country and we couldn’t be more excited. I can finally force him to buy new clothes (you know how men are). So, we can re-vamp our closets together!

3. Go to an Amusement Park

What happened to the good ole’ days where you couldn’t wait until summer got out so you could make your parents take you to the nearest amusement park on a hot sunny day? I am ashamed to say I have not been to one in years, and I LOVE rollercoasters!

4. Go Hiking & Kayaking

I love to go hiking and that is something my friends and I try to do when I come home for summer break. For Kayaking I’ve never really been and I think this is something I wanna do with my sissy for quality time. Despite my girly nature, growing up I’ve always loved the outdoors. My sister on the other hand… she’s coming around.

5. Stay in my Routine

This is something that is always hard for me when I am at home. I start not to eat as healthy, slack off with fitness, and sleep in. I will treat myself to a few lazy days but I wanna stay healthy so I can enjoy all of these fun activities I have in mind.

6. Experience Lexington’s Night Life

I recently turned 21 and I could be more excited! I feel like Lexington is a place where there isn’t much to do unless you’re 21. Now, I am excited to go to the best bars and hottest clubs just to see what it is like! Plus, that means MORE DRESSING UP! YAY!

What are some things you have planned this summer?

Outfit Details:

Top: Wonderly Long Sleeve Wrap Top| Belk|Small

To get yours to drape like mine I recommend going true to size, on me it was just the right amount of slouchy

Barlette: Similar Bralette| Charlotte Russe| Small

Skirt: White Denim Skirt| Forever 21|Medium|| Last Season

Shoes: Black open toed booties with gold heel| Charlotte Russe | Size 8| Last Season

Stay Fiery!


Little Miss Spitfire

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