Graphic Tee Revival

There was a point in time when I was completely terrified of graphic tees and considered them a terrible memory with the rest of my dark middle school obsessions. That was at least until I came across this beauty in TJ Max and I was smitten, I just had to buy it! Once I had it I was worried on putting together an outfit that would reflect my current style, girl and mature but still chic and edgy. So, after going through my closet I decided to pair this adorbs graphic tank with some black ripped jeans for edge, and my to die for heels from Charlotte Russe for a little sass, and it worked out perfectly. This graphic tee revival makes me no longer cringe at the fact that I wore these almost every day of middle school, but now realize I was just ahead of the curve. As a fashion major I am often reminded that Fashion has no rules in todays world. Yes, there are trends but those trends come from those who dared to be different and others followed. 

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