Crusin’ for a Brusin’ -Summer 2018

This is summer has honestly been the best summer of my entire life. At first, this summer was the usual boring summer I was used to, working doubles all the time and saving my money for school. BUT that quickly changed when we took my family vacation! As You may have seen on my Instagram, my family and I took a cruise to the Bahamas! With the great company of my little (yay sig kap) and boyfriend I experienced going out of the country for the first time ever! This summer was one for the books and one I will never forget! I have been so excited to tell you guys ALL about my cruise, what I did, ate, drank and wore.

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The Carnival Conquest (our ship)

A pretty ocean pic taken from the side of the boat!

The Cruise

*pro tip*: Book your cruise ahead of time with maximum amount of people for better rates!

The cruise line we took was with Carnival and we took the Carnival Conquest ship. It was a 5-day, 4 night cruise, and it still didn’t feel long enough! The days were aligned like this: the first day, the fun day at sea, Half Moon Cay, Nassau, departure.

Church at Half Moon Cay

Private beach dock at HMC

Welcome to HMC


Nassau, Bahamas


When I tell you, there is so much to do on this ship, I mean you will never be bored! My favorite places on the ship were the bars, the main deck (there was always something to do or watch), and the night club was my favorite by far! After going to that night club I’m going to hate going back to the bars In Lexington.

The bars were always fun but most of them stop serving at 12. You just have to know where to look:

*pro tip* the latest bars on the ship that stay open after 12 are the night club and the casino bars.

Some nights John and I would just sit at the casino bar and drink when we wanted a chill night with extra time to drink. They had sitting areas away from the games and slot machines and even a band playing sometimes. I’ve personally never experienced anything like it and I loved it. John even played a few rounds of blackjack.

building with queen Victoria statue

Nassau shopping areas

small store in Nassau


Our fun day on the Private beach

What I Ate

I definitely followed my rule of: “No dieting on vacation” I ended up eating sooooo much!

My fav restaurants

My favorite places to eat on the boat were The Blue Iguana: it was more of Mexican cuisines and open during breakfast and lunch time. My favorite thing to get was the chicken taco. I loved their tacos and the workers were so nice. The seasoning was unlike any other and was for sure to die for!

Another place I loved eating at was The Monet restaurant (I’m 90% positive that was the name of it). It was where the captain’s dinner was held and the service was Devine! Their Shrimp cocktail appetizer was delicious and my favorite thing there! It was an awesome experience because I’ve never been 5 star dining (outside of like an award banquet or being sent to a conference). It was really nice, and the waiters put on a show for us every evening!

What I drank

John and I ended up caving in and getting the drinking package

Delicious Sex on the Beach, YUM!

*pro tip: the drinking package seemed a little expensive at first it was around $230ish a person/per room, but it ends up saving you at least $200. Because you have 15 drinks per day and can drink top notch liquor. They also have soda, energy drinks, espresso, and other beverages included in that. We together total drank around 85 drinks.*

I decided since I was on vacation I would stray away from my usual Sex on the Beach bar drink (I did have a few and they were made with the freshest juices I’ve ever tasted). I drank:

· A Bahama Mama

· Mojito

· Sex on the Beach

· Mimosa

· Woodford neat- YUCK John tricked me into trying it, he knows I hate bourbons!

· Pina Colada- These were super sweet I couldn’t even finish one because the juices were so fresh and I didn’t want to mix sweet with super alcoholic drinks.

· Strawberry Daiquiri

· Miami Vice

Again, there were other drinks but I wanted to have a very lit cruise! Lol

What I wore

walking through HMC

Dress| Fashion Nova

Okay, you guys are going to kill me but the only outfit pictures I have were the ones on the beach. I should have taken some while I was dressed up for the dinners but I just wasn’t thinking and I’m so sorry! I did however have a blast on the beach. Also, my sunset pictures did not turn out very cute, BUT enjoy some beach pictures of moi! It all turned out for the best because I got to take a break from my phone and worrying about getting the perfect shot for a little. I love social media but it was nice to have a disconnect from it all for a few days.

Beach day in Nassau

same bikini details listed below

Beach day at HMC

Swim top| Ross

Bikini Bottoms| Walmart

Cover Up| Ross

Overall, I loved the experience of going out of the country for the first time. I loved doing it with my boyfriend and one of my best friends and little (Megan I hope you’re reading this). I adored spending the vacation with my family without worrying about getting up for work or being too busy. It was nice to have secluded time with the people I love the most!

Stay Fiery!


Little Miss Spitfire

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