Blue to the Bone: French school girl inspired outfit

Hello my little Fireflies,

Today on the blog we are going to be talking about this adorable blue sweater and this matching beret (actually from Paris! Courtesy to my boyfriend’s lovely sister. THANK YOU ELIZABETH)! She was kind enough to get this little beauty for me while she was studying abroad in several awesome locations, and one of them happened to be the fashion capital PARIS. Lately, this season I’ve been wanting to wear all of my cutest fall clothes, but lacking the motivation because of where I am during the semester. Right now I have been swamped with papers, and projects and everything in between. So, my motivation… I’m not going to lie it is lacking. I’m in that state of mind where I just want to go home for the semester and be done with projects, homework, and pointless discussion boards. It also doesn’t help my senior-itus is kicking in, but I’ve been pushing through. I always like to find a way to express myself through fashion and this outfit is called, Blue to the Bone. I say that because although I’m not feeling the semester this time around I still try, I love the combo with the pleated skirt and tights, and I wore this with combat boots. I love the look of the feminine silhouette, and then that chunky boot to add a little edge. This outfit Made me feel a little less blue and a little more like my fictional idol (Dionne from clueless). Obviously I added a touch of pink with my lipstick and my Michel Kors purse (it was a gift so idk the deets! Sorry!)

Us girlies can’t let the semester get to us! I have so much content I plan on putting out, and a few more makeup videos coming over winter break. But my biggest tip for surviving the rest of this semester is pampering and taking care of yourself. Something that is easily forgotten with the hustle and bustle of all nighters, and group projects, your mental, spiritual, and physical health matter the most! My top 3 things I do to keep me feeling alive towards the end of the semester is as easy as this:

1. Drink water & Eat Healthy

This cannot be stressed enough! Especially the water part, drink drink drink! Also, yes, junk food is fast and convenient and harder to find on campus, but you need those fuels to keep you running. Getting a good multivitamin can help boost your immune system, and keep those energy levels up!

2. Don’t skip worship nights for homework

Whether it’s your sorority bible study or campus worship don’t ditch those for homework! Yes, homework is important, but don’t forget the bigger picture your spiritual health is just as important. Even a little extra time before bed to pray and spend a little time with god will have you feel rejuvenated and in all over better mood. I know it does me!

3. Don’t get lazy on pampering yourself

For me, around this is the time I tend to skip out on my daily/nightly beauty routines (skin, hair, etc.) and let me tell you this: when you look good you feel good. Simple as that. So, treat your body right on both the inside and outside and you’ll look a lot better than you feel. I know even if I’m not super dolled up, just sticking to my routines gives me a sense of organization and order when everything else feels crazy.

Side Note: I am so excited for my upcoming content, especially my NYE content but for now everything is under wraps! I’ll even be on YouTube a little more (still posting here on the blog because LMS comes first!).

** Nothing I am wearing is currently in stock because it was all on sale last season or a gift. However, I have linked similar items**

Beret| gift

sweater| Forever 21

Plaid skirt| Forever 21

Purse| Michael Kors

Shoes| Charlotte Russe



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