21 Blessings for 21 years

This Past week I turned 21, here is a list of 21 things I am so thankful for!

1. My family

Over the span of growing up and developing relationships I have learned more and more just how blessed I am. I am so blessed to have a mother who would anything in the world for me. My mom is an amazing woman and I still don’t think I deserve all that she does for me. She honestly deserves a whole section just for her. Following that, my big sister. Growing up we fought ALL the time. We were 7 years apart and I never saw behind the scenes until I got older just how much she does for me. After my parents divorce she literally helped my mom raise me. My sister is a second mom and also deserves her own section. Yes, she annoys me sometimes and yes she nags me to death. But, at the end of the day I know my older sister would lay down her life for me and I’m so thankful to be close to my mom and my sister as I am. 

2. My friends

Being so close to my family and being away from home can be tough. Luckily, I have my friends who keep me together. It’s like having my family at school with me sometimes because we are all so close. I can literally talk to them about anything and just feel comforted and safe.

3. My boyfriend

John and I started dating a year ago, we met to Tinder (Shocker I know!) and haven’t looked back since. I date a guy who treats me like a princess even on my worst of days (and I have those a lot). I go to school a few hours away from home and he drives down just about every week to see me and make sure I’m okay. He simply comes down to make sure I’m doing okay and not to stressed with school and my anxiety/depression. I am so blessed who has a guy who not only supports me with my depression but also takes care of me. I take medicine for it, but even on those days where even that isn’t enough he makes me wanna get out of bed. 

4. Life lessons (Can’t wait for more)

Looking back at 16 year old me I can see several ways I have matured. I love looking back and seeing how far I’ve come and get excited for what else is in store. I can only thank the people in my life for coming on this journey with me and seeing me grow. If you would’ve asked freshman Stacey about boys and trust I would’ve laughed in your face. Today I can say I have learned more about relationship and trust in these past 3 years than ever.

5. My Faith

When I first started college I did not really practice my faith that much unless I was home with my mom. She and I were church buddies and it was just our thing. Part of growing up is doing things that discipline you on your own and willingly. I had to take initiative and understand that my mom isn’t going to wake me up to go to church every Sunday. I found a group on campus I like and go to services.

6. My sorority

Joining a sorority was the best thing I have done til this day in college. I don’t know where I would be without my Sigma Kappa sisters. Yes, I have my best best friends, but everyone in SK is also my best friend. I have over 100 girls who love and support me and I don’t deserve any of it. My sisters are all beautiful and amazing, I’m so obsessed with them!


He’s almost a year old now, then I wont be able to call him my baby anymore! Sad face. I am literally so thankful for my cat he’s my best friend. I originally got him to be an emotional support while I was at school away from my mom’s cats. I named him Carver (after one of my sorority’s founders) and I have loved him ever since I got him. He definitely has helped with my depression, I depend on him so much. He is literally my best friend. He loved me regardless and there is that weird feeling of having your first pet away from home. Your pet is completely reliant on you, it’s like having a baby!

Carver’s Instagram: @Prince_carver1

8. Time

They say as you get older the faster time flies. I’m starting to believe that more and more. It feels like a few months ago I was just graduating. Now, I have a year until I graduate. That makes me happy, sad, and nostalgic to think about. I am excited to look forward to starting the next chapter of my life. At the same time, I don’t want these days to end because this is the only time I’ll be here with my friend altogether. I feel my nostalgia seeping in already!

9. My Birthday!

I always look forward to my Birth-week! And this year I had a great one! I’ll insert pics from my birth-week down below

10.Waking up

These days I am far more grateful for the little things, like waking up in the morning. I just take it one day at a time.

11. Confidence

This is something that comes with age for sure. Now that I have been in college for a while and I am starting to find out who I am as a person I am more sure of myself and confident and it comes with every day. 

12. My depression

Yes, you have seen me reference my depression so much throughout this post. It is something I have struggled with heavily most of my life. I was diagnosed with “chemical depression” is how my doctor explained it to me. My brain hormones and chemistry didn’t settle properly after puberty is how she put it. This is something I have battled for years thinking it was anxiety. However these past few years I have been through hell and back with my depression. And with the support and love I have I now have it under control. This is an ongoing battle that I was once embarrassed to talk about and now it is my badge of honor. It’s a reminder that I am good enough and I am strong enough.

13. Determination

I have always been a go getter and I think that is majorly why I am where I am today.

14. Living on my own

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love going home to visit, but there is just that fresh taste of freedom of living on your own. This marks one year where I have been independent from my parents.

15. My Blog

I started this blog a few years ago and I love being able to express myself. No, I don’t have the most views besides my family and friends but that is all I need. I love sharing my fashion journey with whoever wants to read it and follow along.

16. YouTube

YouTube is something I started because of my blog. I have adored makeup even before I could even wear it. Now, I can share my fashion and makeup tips an even larger audience. 

17. Perseverance

This is something that does not come easy to me. I am the type of person that is impatient and like to be successful right away. Going off of YouTube and my blog they are not well known and that is something I don’t let bother me. At first there was that feeling with wanting to create content that I simply couldn’t do to get more views and attention. Yea, that would be nice, however I have to remind myself when I want to give up why I started blogging and making videos. For myself. Not anyone else. I like having that creative outlet and views and like do not determine how successful I am. I do.

18. The color Pink

Pink is my favorite color in the whole wide world! My whole room is literally pink and I cant wait to show you guys a updated room tour when I move into my apartment for next semester.

19. Being Creative

Everyone wants what they cant have. And for a long time I wish I had talents in more “practical” areas like math and science. That just wasn’t me. The education system values us creative people  a lot less, at least that’s what it feels like. People assume you wont do big things unless you’re wanting to be a doctor (and no offense to anyone). I was always kind of embarrassed to be the crafty one, but now I am working on making that into a career, Fashion Merchandising!

20. Passion

Everything I do I do with passion!

21. Turning 21!!

I have finally turned 21 after waiting MONTHS! It’s just so exciting to be able to go to the bars and have a taste to the night life. My birthday was on April 17th and I hope you enjoy some pics of what I wore and some makeup looks I did during the week.

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