NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop & Too Faced Palette Review

NYX Foundation Cant Stop Wont Stop

Purchased: $14.99, Ulta,

Shade: Deep Cool

As soon as this foundation dropped I had to get it. I normally HATE trying new products when it comes to foundations because I have oily skin, so when I find something that ACTUALLY works for me and when it came to this foundation…. Well let’s just say it was super hyped up. That doesn’t mean I hated it but personally when my oily skin face routine (coming to YouTube soon) fails to keep up the longevity and oil production down then something is wrong with the foundation. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t horrible by any means but because of all the attention this product got I assumed it would replace my holy grail drugstore foundation (Revlon Colorstay: Combination/Oily Skin).

I tested this foundation for about a week. I did this because I wanted to get a true opinion without all the social media in my face. First impression of the foundation, it applied beautifully, the coverage is more of a buildable medium. Again, the color selections are amazing. I wouldn’t say the finish is matte like the bottle claims, I would say it is a satin finish. Now, this doesn’t mean dry skin or normal skin can’t use this foundation. If you’re on the drier side I recommend not setting this foundation. If you’re oily like me, SET IT LIKE HELL, to make it last all day. And this foundation did transfer ever so slightly, but that is something I am not fond of.

Overall, I would give this foundation and 7.5/10. Yes, I got really nit-picky about what I did and didn’t like, but that is just how I am with foundations. I was hard on this foundation because of the hype it got. It was not a complete matte finish, lasted about 5-7 hours without touching up (I don’t like touching up at all), and transferred a little. On the other hand, the coverage and application was gorgeous, and the color selection was fabulous. This is a foundation I would mix with another foundation to better stay matte, and enhance the color of my other foundations. Would I repurchase this? Probably not, since it did not replace my better drugstore foundations (Maybelline Fit Me & Revlon Color Stay: Combination/Oily).

Tutti Frutti Eyeshadow Palette: Razzle Dazzle Berry

Purchased: $34.00

Now, when I heard my girl Kandee Johnson was doing a collab with Too Faced, I was beyond excited. Tutti Frutti seems like it is right up her alley, looking back at her OG videos with all of the wild colors, it was very sentimental for a long-time watcher of her videos. Don’t worry I won’t let my love for her get in the way of my opinion of the palette. Now, here is some background of what I like in my eyeshadow palettes. I love great pigment, something I am picky about especially being a woman of color. Also, I am not a fan of kickback but it is not a deal breaker. I prefer creamy and smooth shadows and the more shimmer the better.

I also used this eyeshadow palette for about a week, and let me tell you the smell is amazing. If you are not a fan of smells BEWARE, but I love them. This palette makes me wanna smell my lids all day long! The pigment of these shadows is amazing, I will be honest however there are maybe one shade (the lighter pinkish one, the very first color) that I probably won’t be able to use as much because I am darker complected. Even as a brow color I find it too ashy for me. Most of the colors show up just as they swatched on me and that is not easy for me when it comes to eyeshadows. My lids aren’t crazy oily, but I do find that the shimmers do not crease or come off. I would say I wore the eyeshadow for about 6-8 hours (and took a nap) and had no problem! The packaging is a bonus BTW! My biggest complaint about the palette is the placement of the names. I hate names on the back because I am a lazy girl! Also, the eyeshadow palette was $34 and I think Morphe or another cheaper brand (Jaclyn Hill) has better shadows for cheaper. I don’t think I would pay this much for this many eyeshadows again because ya girl is on a budget.

Overall, Kandee came to deliver and I read on Allure that there might be another Too Faced collab in the making?? I hope so! I would give this a 8.4/10. Now I wanna try more of the Tutti Frutti collection!



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